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 House Commands

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PostSubject: House Commands   Sun May 17, 2009 8:30 pm

Here is a list of commands for all houses:

To buy a house: "!buyhouse"
You need to stand in front of the door, also you need enough money for it

The sell the house: "!sellhouse"
It would be better if you got all your items anywhere in your inventory. A new window will be opened and you have to type in the name of the new house owner. First, be sure you got the money for it.

To leave the house: "!leavehouse"
If you want to give your house free to sell, type this in. If you are in any room, you will be kicked from the owner and sub owner list, also the invited guys list will be deleted. DON'T FORGET to take your items, they will be layn there.

Edit Guest List: "Aleta Sio"
Using this spell owners and sub-owners on Goobers can edit a list of all characters that are invited to their house. Simply enter the name of any character you would like to invite, making sure only one name is entered per line. To un-invite characters simply erase their names.

Edit Sub-Owners: "Aleta Som"
Similar to the list of invited characters, owners can appoint sub-owners by editing this list. Not only are sub-owners invited to houses, they are also entitled to invite or uninvite other characters to it themselves. Also, sub-owners can kick characters if they wish to do so.

Kick Character: "Alana Sio"
If this spell is pronounced along with the name of a character, this character will be kicked out of the house. Owners and sub-owners can use this spell, but characters can also kick themselves if they wish to.

Edit Door Rights: "Aleta Grav"
This spell allows owners to edit door rights of houses, they can determine which characters may open or close front or interior doors. This way they can create private spaces within buildings, which is particularly handy in big houses such as guildhalls. To edit door rights the owner must be placed in front of a door and pronounce the "Aleta grav" spell. Of course, the owner of a house always has access to any room beside the characters listed for a door.
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House Commands
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